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The new issue of "temporale", number 66-67, has just been released.

This magazine is the instrument that Studio Dabbeni utilises to promote its activities. With this issue the periodical's graphic look has been completely redesigned, confiding in the expertise of Tommaso Garner for the design and layout.
The new approach maintains the customary subdivision of the magazine into two parts, proposing a first part linked to the gallery– focusing on the artists-protagonists of recent exhibitions–and a second part dedicated to Patrick Tuttofuoco, Olivo Barbieri, Carol Rama, Vangelis Vlahos and Yang Fudong.
"It!s only a matter of time" was the title of the personal exhibition by the American artist Ian Tweedy, and the magazine opens by re-proposing an image of a Wall Drawing that was realised for the occasion on the wall that faces the external window of the gallery space. Additionally, five large sheets of paper on which the artist drew five positions in a sequence of a first-aid intervention are presented. Finally, a series of clothbound old book covers that Tweedy painted on, in an attempt to create a personal history for himself, are represented.
A reflection upon the role of the artist!s studio, and on how it can constitute the "space", the "scene" and the "subject" for the photographer, around which his research revolves, is at the centre of the complex research by the English photographer John Hilliard that he elaborates on his text entitled "Studio as Site, Set and Subject".
An intense portrait of an artist emerges in Joanna Littlejohns! interview with Stuart Arends, an American artist (born in Iowa in 1950, he lives and works in the desert in New Mexico) to whom the gallery will dedicate his first personal exhibition in June 2008. Patrick Tuttofuoco opens the second part of this issue. This eclectic artist gives a 360° description of his work, describing his extraordinary travel experiences through seventeen megalopolises, from which "Revolving Landscape" traces its origins. The photographer Olivo Barbieri recounts his personal experience starting from the description of his relationship with images, how it evolved over time and of how his passage from photography to the moving image came about.
Homage is paid to Carol Rama, a subversive and controversial artist, never aligned, and who consented to an interview in her home-studio in Turin.
In an interview, the Greek artist Vangelis Vlahos speaks of his work, the complex social-political realities in his country, and of the use of archives that distinguish his work.
And finally, an article about the young Chinese director Yang Fudong and his five-part film "Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest" that was presented at the last edition of the Venice Biennial. The article describes the dimensions of the search, on the part of the seven young intellectual- protagonists, for an authentic way of life by those who never stop examining their present reality and affirm their individuality even among the ruins of a society that has lost its ideals.



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