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PRIMOPIANO PRESENTS David Hockney: Friends & Places

Diego Cassina and Marco Frignati will present David Hockney: Friends & Places, an exhibition of works on paper and photographs by the celebrated British artist and curated by Charlie Scheips, at their space Primopiano in Lugano, Switzerland opening November 28 through January 31, by appointment 0919212075 or 0794442111.

The exhibition features drawings, photographs and prints of such Hockney intimates such as curator Henry Geldzahler, art dealer Nicholas Wilder, writer Brooke (Hopper) Hayward, photographer Cecil Beaton, textile designer Celia Birtwell, and other long time friends and assistants such as Mo McDermott, Gregory Evans and Charlie Scheips.

The exhibition also features Hockney’s 1973 The Student: Homage to Picasso, which features a self-portrait of the nude Hockney seated across table from his artistic idol Picasso. Other highlights include a rare 1986 Polaroid photocollage of curator Scheips and his partner Thomas Graf seated on Hockney’s terrace in the Hollywood Hills; two etchings from the artist’s well known Grimm’s Fairytales series; and a tour de force portrait from 1969 of photographer Cecil Beaton. A celebrated photograph by Beaton of Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott in front of Hockney large acrylic double portrait of them as well as contact sheets from that sitting are also featured in the exhibition.

As component to David Hockney: Friends & Places, Primopiano will also feature a continuous screening of Jack Hazan’s famous 1975 film on Hockney "A Bigger Splash." Critically praised, the artist himself has long distanced himself from the film calling instead a portrait of the break-up of his relationship with Peter Schlesinger. Many of the people featured in the exhibition appear in the film.

Charlie Scheips is a curator, writer and cultural historian. He first met Hockney in 1984 and was the artist’s assistant during the late 1980s. He is the author of several books including Andy Warhol: The Day the Factory Died (2006) and American Fashion (2007).

Primopiano is a space dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions within Artadvisory,

directed by Diego Cassina and Marco Frignati, dealers and agents in fine arts in Lugano and London.

© Cecil Beaton: Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott in front of David Hockney painting, 1975, cm 21 by 24 ca.


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