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Plug-in respects your privacy.
We do not sell or distribute any information we acquire directly from our users. This includes your email address, name, and any other personal data.
You can review and modify (or remove) the information you provide us for your account at any time.
Since a valid email address is by definition unique, we use this to create the identifier for registered users. Email addresses are checked for validity as part of the registration process.
At no point is a registered user’s email address displayed on site or made available to other users.
All information provided is stored in our database. This information is not available for sale to nor use by any third parties. The information is used solely to provide the personalisation features and services described.
How You Can Modify Information, Opt Out, or Contact Us
You can review and modify (or remove) the information you provide us in the order or registration process if this information changes. The information that you may change (or remove) includes any information provided on our registration format. To make any of these changes, you may log on to this site and make the changes directly after you have received an identification and password.
After using our registration module, your registration on our Web site will be confirmed by an Opt in/Opt out email correspondence to your email address that will constitute your consent to receive email notices and other email communications from plug-in contemporary art. In the event you no longer wish to receive such email notices or other email communications from us, you may opt-out by removing yourself through our opt-out procedures. You may also contact us at if you no longer wish to be enrolled as a User of our service.


Dear Friend,
Due to recent changes in data privacy laws (GDPR), we have updated our Privacy Policy which informs you as to how we look after your personal data, your privacy rights, and how the law protects you.


To view our Privacy Policy, please click here


We value your interest in Plug-in contemporary art and culture and would like to continue to email you announcements of exhibitions and gallery Museum and artspace events. As in the past, we will never share your personal data with any third party but if you wish to unsubscribe or update your contact information, please use the link below.

In case no action is taken from you, we will send our newsletters to the email address you have submitted at the time of your subscription.




Caro utente,
A seguito dell'entrata in vigore della nuova normativa europea sul trattamento dei dati (GDPR), ti informiamo di aver provveduto ad aggiornare la nostra informativa sulla privacy che descrive in che modo conserviamo ed utilizziamo i tuoi dati, e i tuoi diritti.


Per leggere la nostra Privacy Policy, clicca qui


Diamo grande valore all'interesse dimostrato in Plug-in contemporary art and culture    e ci piacerebbe continuare ad informarti tramite la nostra newsletter riguardo a mostre ed eventi che si svolgono presso gallerie, musei, e spazi d'arte. Come in passato, non condivideremo mai i tuoi dati personali con terze parti, ma se desideri annullare l'iscrizione utilizza il link sottostante.

Nel caso in cui nessuna azione venga presa da te, invieremo le nostre newsletter all'indirizzo email che hai fornito al momento dell'iscrizione. 



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