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PLAY_gallery for still and motion pictures
partecipates to ARCO 2007 in the curated section "Projects" with an installation of the Swiss artists Frédéric Moser & Philippe Schwinger.
Please, come and visit us at the stand PR01.
We would be delighted to have you around!

February 15-19, 2007
ARCO 2007
"Projects" section, stand PR01
Feria de Madrid - Madrid Fair Ground

Central to Moser and Schwinger’s statement for ARCO is a puppet theatre version of their film-installation ‘Unexpected Rules’. The script is based on the ‘Clinton-Lewinsky affair’, whose mixture of power, sex, and globalised media serves them as an example to take the conflicting interests of personal and public positions ad absurdum. ‘Amanda’ is the name given by the artist duo to Monika Lewinsky’s fictional counterpart. Because of her delusion strategies, Amanda is the game’s driving force. For this very reason, the audience will find the same actress playing in the new films presented by the artists.

As America’s premier blowjob queen of the nineties, I was such a
brave girl. I shared detail that I wouldn’t have shared with anybody.

Because I thought I had to. Like now, when the reporters ask me : Is
your goal to get married and have children ?

Does the man of your dreams have to be competitive, due to the fact
that you and the president... ? Could it be just a schoolteacher or a
carpenter ? (...)

[From Time Flies, Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger, 2006]



PLAY_gallery for still and motion pictures
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