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This summer come and experience an art exhibit unlike any others!
In the French-speaking part of Switzerland:
Môtiers 2007 - Art in the Open Air
23 June - 23 September

What is Môtiers?
A pictoresque Swiss village in the Neuchâtel Jura, 15 minutes from the city of Pontarlier in the Franche-Comté region of neighbouring France.
Môtiers has been known for its open and curious spirit since the stay here of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1762-1765).
Why Môtiers 2007?
Because up to now there have been previous versions: a Môtiers '83, a Môtiers '89, a Môtiers '95 and a Môtiers 2003.
Art in the Open Air?
75 works of contemporary art created by the best Swiss artists for a site chosen for its natural beauty. The poster alone is signed by Günther Förg.
And for the visitors?
After a visit to the Biennale in Venise or the Documenta in Kassel, and before the FIAC in Paris, come for a fresh breath of art here in Môtiers.


Affiche de Günther Förg

Môtiers 2007 - Art in the Open Air

For further information, media contact:
Marie Delachaux / Clos du Terreau, 6 / 2112 Môtiers / CH

Curator: Pierre-André Delachaux


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