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AP4-ART is glad  to invite you  at the opening of Fabrizio Giannini and Julia Kälin exihibition.

Opening Saturday December 3, 2005, 17h-22h
December 2005 - 28 January 2006

Fabrizio Giannini (Lugano, 1964) known for his works on the logotypes of some  important  commercial companies, logotypes that he has recomposed by making use of the critical texts against the companies themselves, more recently is interested in  the hackers phenomenon and computer viruses. Through his pictures, he compares two distinct realities: the reality of the poor countries where viruses and wars  act pitilessly on the human body and the western reality where computer viruses and the war among rival hackers seem to be rather the whims of a privileged class, which however hold the power to affect the economical and social destiny of the world.
Julia Kälin (Aarau, 1977)  with her videos
, drawings and oozing installations presents an exploded and tortured body in constant strength relation with  the nature, the food, the town and the others. A real permeable membrane, the body described by Kälin acts as a filter between the interior and the exterior, the individual and the world. The artist builds her works predominantly with organic perishable substance to evoke the roughness and temporariness of a body on which the spectator can show his or her own  personal experiences.

Julia Kälin

Julia Kälin, Drawing, Ink  on Paper, 200x150 cm , 2005


Rue du Tir 1
CH-1204 Geneva
p +41 (0)22 3216741
M +41 (0)79 4098934

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