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Aldo Runfola
The Trilogy

Private View: Thursday, 14th April 2005, 7pm
15th April – 12th May 2005
Opening hours: Tue - Sat, 12 – 7 pm

PLAY_gallery for still and motion pictures is proud to present The Trilogy, the first Berlin presentation of work by the Italian artist Aldo Runfola. Runfola shows three video works, produced by Fine Arts Unternehmen AG, and photographies.

The subject of the work “ADAGETTO”, 2004, is culture. More specifically, its knowledge and comprehension of the other, reaffirmed insofar as culture is the suffered object of desire and the only realistic possibility for bringing closer and enabling the coexistence of experiences that are at best different from oneanother, and at worst remote or incompatible.

In the video “ALIAS” two female figures representing a single woman in diverse stages of life serve dinner to the son and father/husband who are seated at a table facing one another. Once the dinner is finished and the men move away, it is the women's turn to happily celebrate the ritual. A compendium of philosophy in harmonic bits extracted from the last bastion of resistance, the family nucleus is still (as always) a thing to comprehend and reinterpret. ALIAS alludes to the themes of conservation of the species and of (mankind's) destiny.

The film titled A R S I, is an acronym taken from the names of Aldo Runfola/Arthur Rimbaud and Stagione all'Inferno (Season in Hell). But it is also the past plural participle of the italian verb “ardere”, to burn, hence the English subtitle “burned”. Shot on two consecutive nights, the film takes place on two parallel planes. On one there is a reading of A. Rimbaud’s text “A Season in Hell”, the other is where the real action takes place, which is exhausted in a few essential gestures.

ARSI is therefore about waiting, a never-kept promise (“So much for my fame as an artist and story-teller”), tacked onto more waiting, for a long or short time, depending on the spectators’ capacity to let themselves be absorbed by their own sensations, for the reading to come to an end.


Aldo Runfola
born 1950 in Palermo, works in Civenna (Italy) and New York (USA)
Solo exhibitions: 2005 Galleria Pack, Milano (Italy), Play_gallery for still and motion pictures, Berlin (Germany); 2004 Michela Rizzo Artecontemporanea, Venice (Italy); 2003 Galeria Pack, Milano (Italy); 1999 The Gallery at Pentagram, London, (UK); 1993 Galleria Inghilleri, Milano (Italy); 1992 Studio Michela Scotti, Milano (Italy); 1984 Galleria De Ambrogi, Milano (Italy)
Group exhibitions: 2004 The billboard project (CZ); 2002 Reproduktion, Galerie Bernhard Knaus, Mannheim (Germany); 1991 Progetto Firenze Contemporanea, Interni d`artista, Palazzo Budini Gattai, Firenze (Italy); 1990 Progetto Borderline, Interni d`artista, Monteciccardo, Pesaro (Italy); 1989 XXXI Biennale Nazionale d `Arte, Milano (Italy); 1986 Ouvres Vives, Centre d`Art Contemporain, Castres (France); 1985 Convergences Sud, Maison de Gascogne, Auch (France); Dopo il concettuale, Palazzo delle Albere, Trento (Italy); 1984 Nuovi Argomenti, P.A.C., Milano (Italy); Senza Titolo, Galleria Ferrari, Verona (Italy); Paesaggio & Paesaggio; Palazzo Ducale, Mantova (Italy); Itinéraires du Versant Sud, Centre Régional d`Art Contemporain, Toulouse (France); Giuste Distanze, Spazio Arte, Mendrisio (Switzerland); 1983 Grandi Onde; Galleria Artra, Milano (Italy)

“The Trilogy”, Aldo Runfola
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