ARSPOLIS EVENT #1, Lugano, 16 September 2011

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Extimacy. The familiar unknown. Reality, symbolism and imagery of Otherness.

Via Lavizzari, Via Canonica, Viale Cassarate, Il Foce

Lugano, 16 September 2011

6.00 p.m. – 05.00 a.m.

Arspolis is back again this year.

Arspolis is an event dedicated to showing contemporary art: taking place in an area in the heart of the city of Lugano, it lasts just one night.

Although this is officially its premier edition, Arspolis is actually already nearly one year old. That’s because the zero numbered edition, Arspolis event zero, took place on 22 October 2010, involving a dozen artists, most of whom live and work in Canton Ticino, whose creations occupied the interiors and exteriors of several private spaces, in many cases places quite off the usual art show circuits that were offered by their owners, who supported the initiative and made its success possible. Encouraged by the event’s evident popularity with the public and that public’s enthusiasm, the organisers decided to create a more structured event for 2011, featuring more services and complying with higher standards. While the aim of the event zero was to illustrate the nature of each chosen artist’s individual research, without giving the event itself any overall concept, the event #1 differs in that it has chosen a specific topic as its starting point, adopting it as the basis for choosing the participating artists. As of this year, then, Arspolis is transformed into a real contemporary art show in the open air and with unrestricted access. Due to be held once every year, the exhibition will be curated by an artistic director who will be appointed for each new edition: the aim is to encourage a fresher, more up-to-date approach in the choice of topics, as well as variety in curatorial methods.

The artistic director for Arspolis event #1 is Pier Giorgio De Pinto (1968) - the current co-ordinator of CACT the Contemporary Art Centre in Canton Ticino, based in Bellinzona - who has decided to focus attention on an aspect peculiar to our era by promoting the topic of extimacy. The term was coined (as extimité) by the French philosopher and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan to describe a new kind of “simulated” intimacy, one that is not truly intimate, because it is shared by an indefinite number of people. Drawing his inspiration from Arspolis’ urban nature, featuring direct contact with the public and everyday life, De Pinto develops on the theme of the psychological and anthropological impact of new social phenomena in the Internet age, such as social networks, headed by Facebook. Extimacy. The familiar unknown. Reality, symbolism and imagery of Otherness - as the event’s title recites - will transform via Lavizzari, via Canonica, viale Cassarate (Lab_Comacina) and Il Foce into a concrete, albeit temporary, City of extimacy, in which each artist’s work will stimulate its own thinking. For more information about the concepts behind the topic provided for the exhibition, please consult the essay written by Pier Giorgio De Pinto, which can be found in the booklet whose digital version can be downloaded from our website at

In all, twenty-one artists are showing eighteen works of photography, video, performance and installation. Eleven of the artists at Arspolis event #1 work in Ticino. Italy, France, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands are the homes of the remaining artists chosen by De Pinto, whose contents and languages are always close to the topic of extimacy. Most of the artists are showing a site-specific piece created especially for the event. To clarify the intentions behind each piece, practical information sheets have been prepared for each artist, complete with a short CV and an explanation of the work on show. Whenever possible, these have been written by the artists themselves. They can all be consulted and downloaded from the event website at Many of the artists will be there in person on the night for information and interviews.


Katia Bassanini. Surveillance camera. 2004. Video
Giona Bernardi. GNB. 2007/2008. Video
Ivana Falconi, LIGHT. 2011. Video *
Fabrizio Giannini. L’origine du Monde. 2011. Digital elaboration *
Aglaia Haritz. L’abito dell’extimità. 2011. Installation *
La Jovenc. Polymorphous. 2011. Sound performance *
Andrea La Rocca. Never Leave. 2011. Video installation *
Rafaël Rozendaal. Drawings. 2007-2010. Video
Andres Senra. I hurt myself everyday. 2011. Video
Laura Solari and Plinio-Natale Cemento-Müller. Formulario . 2011. Installation *
Parapluie. The Club. 2011. Installation *
Luigi Presicce. La benedizione dei pavoni. Digital print
Miki Tallone. Ciambella con Buco. 2011. Installation *
Stella Goldschmit, Être heureux (Essere felici). 2011. Installation
Suka Off. TranSfera. 2011. Video
Veronica Tanzi. Waiting. 2011. Installation
Massimo Vitangeli. Gender Bending. 2010. Video
Artur Żmijewski. Oko za Oko (An eye for an eye). 1998. Video
*works created specifically for the Arspolis event #1 (2011)

The Guide (Booklet)

In addition to all the necessary information, the booklet being distributed to publicise the event also contains a simple voting card for members of the public to have their say about which work they find most interesting. To take part, all they have to do is fill it in and drop it off at the main Arspolis stand (located at the junction of via Canonica and via Lavizzari). The work that gets most votes will win the Public Award. Voting is restricted to during the actual event.

Who, What, When?

The evening’s programme locates the event’s official opening at Il Foce, at 6.00 p.m., with a sound performance by La Jovenc featuring ClashDisko. From 7.00 p.m. to midnight, the exhibition will then take place in several different venues in the streets mentioned above (see the map inside the booklet). There will be plenty of stands to visit on the spot: some of them will carry information (for the Arspolis Association, Arspolis event info, artist/publisher editions), while others will cater for your culinary needs (La Birraria, Il Birrificio). Another series will be artistic, featuring performances by Niska and Rabbitrevolver. Rete Tre, the event’s media partner, will be there with us throughout, airing a series of live links. The shops, bars and several artist studios located on the streets involved in Arspolis will stay open until midnight. When the event comes to an end, music lovers can move back to Il Foce, where the closing party organised by the Youth and Events Department and animated by Rete Tre will go on until 5.00 in the morning. Via Lavizzari and Via Canonica will be closed to traffic from 6.00 p.m. to midnight.

Arspolis. The Association

The Arspolis Association was founded in 2011 to promote and manage artistic and cultural events at cantonal and national level. One of its main aims is to achieve cohesion between the local population and contemporary art. Arspolis invites everyone to support its activities by becoming a member. For further information and to take out membership, please go to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Partner



SWISSLOSS Republic and Canton of Ticino DECS - PURO design Sagl Cucine, Locarno - TAKE AWAY Fumo e Profumo, Lugano - CAFFÈ PORTICI, Lugano - S.LISCHETTI-QUADRI A. Macelleria Equina, Lugano


AUL, Arte Urbana Lugano – DGE, Youth and Events Department Lugano - LUGANO LEVEL - COLOR X, Lugano - RABBIT REVOLVER, Lugano - OCCULTO MAGAZINE, Berlin - LA BIRRARIA STEAK HOUSE, Mendrisio - CASCIO EDITORE, Lugano, NISKA, Locarno - ANTIMOBERTOLINO, Lugano - PIZZERIA IL MURETTO, Lugano - BIO MARKET, Lugano

Special thanks

fine arts unternehmen ag, Zug - Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich - CACT Centre for Contemporary Art in Canton Ticino, Bellinzona - I Sotterranei dell’Arte, Monte Carasso - Michele Balmelli Gallery, Lugano - Nopavillion, Lugano - Compagnia Finzi Pasca, Lugano - Studio Meyer Piattini, Lugano - La Rada Contemporary Art Space, Locarno - Wonderingsolo, Milan


Arspolis event #1: Friday 16 September 2011. Lugano, Switzerland.

Venues: via Lavizzari, via Canonica and viale Cassarate (Lab_Comacina), Il Foce.

6.00 - 7.00 p.m.: official opening - Il Foce (via Foce 1)
7.00 p.m. - midnight: exhibition - various locations (see map in booklet)midnight - 5.00 a.m.: Closing party - Il Foce (via Foce 1)

Artistic Director: Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Association: Michele Balmelli, Al Fadhil, Jean-Marie Reynier

Press Office: Anna Mazzucco –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

translation Pete Kercher


Arspolis event #1
Via Lavizzari, Via Canonica, Viale Cassarate, Il Foce.
6900 Lugano

Press release: Pdf
Download the: booklet (pdf)

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