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  1. Curated by Mia Locks, “Miranda July: New Society” spans three decades, from the early 1990s until today, including short film, performance, and installation works by American artist, filmmaker and writer Miranda July. The exhibition debuts a new work called F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Falling Apart Meanwhile I Love You), a multi-channel video installation featuring July’s yearlong collaboration with
  2. “Search for Life” is the first major solo exhibition in Spain devoted to the Filipino-Canadian artist Stephanie Comilang (born Toronto, 1980). Produced by TBA21 and Sharjah Art Foundation, it is benefiting from the collaboration of Fundación Ecolec. “Search for Life” is a visual adventure and a profound reflection on history, identity and interconnection among different forms
  3. Megan Francis Sullivan (born 1975 in Stamford, Connecticut; lives and works in Berlin) deals with the question of what art is and how its forms convey meaning, exploring both the auratic constitution of individual works and the relationships they enter into on different levels: temporal and spatial, literal and referential, economic and ecological. These questions
  4. In his work, Emanuel Rossetti (born 1987 in Basel, lives and works in Basel) explores the relationship between questions of space and the ways images are received. For his photographs, objects and sound projects, the artist uses architectural struc­tures and landscapes, analyzing them by means of photographic and installation­-based processes in which the principle of

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