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Plug-in Swiss-based contemporary art communication service

Plug-in contemporary art service
Swiss-based contemporary art communication service
for worldwide distribution of information on contemporary visual arts for public and private institutions, foundations, art galleries, art fairs, contemporary art publisher to our growing database of art addresses of international museums, foundations, galleries, collectors, curators, art consultants, art advisors, artists, art historians, art lovers, and other visual arts professionals.

A targeted and multilingual communication

  • Announce the activities of institutions and participants specialized in the contemporary arts.
  • Enhance the related information and distribute it in a customized way to interested parties.
  • Reinforce the communication initiatives organized by the institutions by performing a targeted and multilingual distribution.
  • Each advertisement takes the form of an e-mail announcement and introduces an exhibition, a show, an event, etc., and features a Bilingual presentation and communication press release, an image, and a link to the announcer's website.
  • A multi-part e-mailing consists of two parts, an html part and a text part. If the subscriber's email client cannot read html then it will automatically show the text version.
    By sending a multi-part e-mailing we can ensure that your subscriber will see it properly even if he uses an old email program that cannot read html

Plug-in has an integrated double opt-in confirmation system.

  • How it works: After the subscriber submits his email for the first time he is automatically inserted in your database as un-confirmed. An email is automatically sent asking him to click on a confirmation link that has his email and password embedded. The password is generated automatically. After clicking on the link, he receives a second email telling him that the subscription as completed successfully. If the subscriber selected to receive text emails, then all this mailing is done in text format.

  • We can ensure that nobody is spamming our system.
  • We raise your credibility and show our organization as a serious email distribution service.

Additional service

  • Statistics and reports:Click-tracking and Open-rate statistics are available as an option on html e-mail.
  • Open-rate statistics: by open rate we mean the ratio of subscribers that opened a newsletter to the total number of subscribers the e-mail announcement was sent to. Example: an open rate of 65% means that 65 out of 100 subscribers opened our e-mail announcement. Our service captures and stores this information so that you can see how many subscribers opened your e-mail announcement (only available for html announcement)

How to submit material for plug-in communication service.
All announcements, should include:

  • One page of text, Bilingual presentation and communication English language, and Italian or French or German (or at least into English language, .doc or rft format)
  • One image of an art work, (.jpg or .gif format)
  • Once the newsletter is made, a proof is sent to client for approval of the content.
  • Announcements should be submitted to plug-in distribution service at least 7 days prior to the desired distribution date.

What are Plug-in contemporary art news rates?

For current rates please contact us .


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